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Hydraulic power station
Detailed description:

Composition and Working Principle of Hydraulic power pack

Hydraulic power pack refers to the independent hydraulic device, which can control the direction , pressure and flow rate of oil according to the requirements of the main machine. It  is applicable to various hydraulic machinery where the main engine can be separated from the hydraulic device. While operating, hydraulic power is connected with the actuator (oil cylinder or oil motor) on the main engine by tubing, the hydraulic machinery can realize various prescribed actions and working cycles.
Hydraulic power pack is a combination of motor-pump device, integrated block or valve combination, oil tank and electric box. Their function are as below:

Motor-pump device: equipped with motor and oil pump, it is the power source of hydraulic power pack, and the mechanical energy is turned into the pressure energy of hydraulic oil.

Integrated block: compose of hydraulic valve and channel body to implement direction, pressure and flow regulation of oil.
Valve combination: plate valve is mounted on the vertical plate, and back tube of the plate is connected with the same function as the integrated block.
Electric box: divided into two forms. one is equipped with the terminal plate of the external lead, the other is equipped with a full set of control appliances.
The working principle of hydraulic power pack: the motor drives the oil pump to rotate, the pump absorbs oil and supplies oil from the tank, and converts the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil.

Through the integrated block (or valve combination), hydraulic oil implement the direction, pressure and flow adjustment, and flow into to the oil cylinder or motor, so as to control the direction of the actuator, the size of the force and speed, driving various hydraulic machinery work.

Structure and Technical Parameters of Hydraulic power pack.

Structure: to distinguish mainly by motor-pump device structure, installation position and cooling mode.
According to the structure of motor - pump device, the installation position can be divided into three types:
1、Upper and Vertical method: The motor-pump installation is mounted on the tank cover plate, mainly for quantitative pump system.
2、Upper and horizontal method: the motor-pump device horizontal installed on the tank cover plate, mainly used for variable pump system, convenient for flow regulation.
3、Side mounted method :the motor-pump device is installed on a separate basis beside the tank, and the side-mounted type can be equipped with a spare motor-pump device, which is mainly used in systems with a tank volume of more than 250 liters and a motor power of more than 7.5 kilowatts.

According to the cooling mode, hydraulic power pack can be divided into two types:

1、Natural cooling: cooling by heat exchange between the tank itself and the air, generally used for systems with a tank volume of less than 250 liters.

2、Forced cooling: forced cooling using coolers, generally for systems with tanks greater than 250 liters.

Main technical parameters: effective oil tank capacity and motor power

There are totally 18 kinds of sizes in tank volume, see table below.

According to the  user requirements, and working conditions, hydraulic power pack can :

Configure the integration block in accordance with the system.

2、Cooler, heater, accumulator can be set.
3、Electrical control devices can be installed

Tank Volume SpecificationGB2876(UnitL)

Marking sample: The motor-pump device is placed vertically, tank volume 160 liters, adopt  single stage blade source,motor power 2.2 kilowatts, working pressure 6.3 MPa, integrated hydraulic pump station.

Model selection

YZ L 16 0 E- D 2 2 G

YZ- Hydraulic Pump Station

L-StructureL=Upper&Vertical; W=Upper&horizontal

B=Side mounted

160-Tank volume

E-Pressure grade:No mark =6.3MPa; E=16MPa; F=21MPa ;H=31.5MPa

D-Pump typeD=Single-stage vane pump S=Double stage vane pump B= Variable vane pumpC=gear pumpZ=Plunger pump

22-Motor Power(KW)

G-Loop connection ModelNo mark=Integrated BlockG=Plate element pipe connection

Model ¶meters for YZ series hydraulic pump station


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