Each customer has his specific ideas and demand. Our job is to provide you with better and more suitable products and solutions with accumulated market experience, so that they can be effectively applied to your industry.

Special cylinders for marine equipment

In all kinds of marine application projects, such as transportation, mining and exploration, hydraulic cylinder is an indispensable key component, and must have the ability to resist corrosion and bear huge force. Our technology and R & D center serves the complex and diversified development and innovation of hydraulic cylinder. The targeted application solution can meet the needs of all kinds of operations and maintain long-term and stable operation and safety.

Computer simulation design is used to ensure the excellent performance of the product

Anti-corrosion coating technology for piston rod surface to improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

More than 30 years manufacturing experience in marine cylinder, mature technological solutions.

Independent research & development on sealing structure, adopting international famous brand seals.

Optional single or multistage cylinder , stroke up to 20 meters.

“3S”hydraulic cylinders

 Hydraulic cylinder is the actuator of hydraulic transmission system, which needs high strength, long stroke and thin wall. The best way is to stretch and thin the steel pipe by cold drawing technology. Hengcai hydraulic breakthrough cold drawing technology, for the hydraulic cylinders require super diameter, super stroke and super-thin wall(3S), we are providing the perfect solution.

"3S" hydraulic cylinders are 100% manufactured by precision cold drawing technology. By using the principle of equal diameter cold drawing, the stress problem of cold drawing steel pipe is solved perfectly . The material completely replaces the "tempering + cutting "process, and utilization ratio is over 90%. While solving the “3S”problem, the material cost is greatly reduced, and guarantee the benefit of both parties.

Lightweight solution of hydraulic cylinders

Lightweight technology is the industrial trend in future. The application of lightweight technology for parts and components is very important to the performance of energy saving of main equipment. It can be said that whoever grasps the lightweight technology will win the future. Hengcai hydraulic has been engaged in lightweight research for many years, and forming a mature lightweight core technology, which is is applied to hydraulic cylinders of cranes, firefighting truck,pump truck etc. Under the premise of ensuring good mechanical and technological properties, the weight of the whole cylinder is about 20% less than that of conventional products.

● Adopt new composite material and match up with advanced production equipment, thin-wall cold drawing process, the cylinders weight are reduced much.

● According to different performance requirements, alloy materials with high strength and low density are selected to replace traditional materials, thus reduce the cylinders weight and improve mechanical properties.

●  Optimize and strengthen the partial structure to ensure the overall reliability after lightweight.

Built-in hydro-pneumatic spring

Hydro-pneumatic spring is a common buffer vibration absorber, which is composed of energy storage assembly and hydraulic cylinder assembly. The existing energy-storage assembly of hydro-pneumatic spring is external type. However, the volume of hydraulic cylinder assembly is usually fixed, so its overall volume is large and and can’t be widely used.

In view of the current situation mentioned above, our technical team have solved the problem and invented a built-in hydro-pneumatic spring which can build the energy storage assembly into the cylinder assembly to greatly reduce the overall volume and thus expand the scope of application. It can be also easily installed and removed.